Pirate Night on Disney Cruise Line

What Happens on Pirate Night? 

Pirate Themed Dinner

The party begins with a special pirate dinner in your assigned main dining restaurant. It’s similar to most main dining dinners but with a pirate flair. Servers will be dressed in their pirate-y best as well as many of the cruisers.

You will be handed a menu that looks like a treasure map with such food items like Jolly Rogers Barbecue Rib Salad or Chilled-to-the-Bone Honeydew Melon and Watermelon Soup.

There will most likely be some Caribbean dishes as well such as Tia Dalma’s Jerk Chicken and Rum-Soaked Chocolate Cake.

Pirate Night Games & Activities

Pirate night actually starts in the afternoon when most of the regular entertainment shifts to a pirate theme.

A big hit with the wee lad’s and lassie’s is the Disney Junior Pirate and Princess Dance Party.

You can also get crafty and create your own pirate treasure with the cruise staff.

Later, Captain Mickey and his pirate crew host a Pirate Celebration on deck between the first and second dinners.

Do you like game shows? Then join in the fun at the action packed pirate game show at A Pirate’s Life For Me or test your pirate knowledge by participating in pirate trivia.

So much to do!

Stage Shows

There are two pirate-themed stage shows on the pool deck.

The first show, which is more family-friendly and geared towards younger kids, will be between the two dinner seatings – around 7:30pm – and the second show is right before the fireworks which starts at 10:30pm. (Check your daily Navigator for exact times.)

The later show can be scary for some children if they are sensitive to loud noises.

(Don’t get me wrong, both shows are safe for kids of all ages; just be prepared if you have little ones who might be sensitive.)

The Big Highlight: Buccaneer Blast Fireworks

Buccaneer Blast fireworks are one the most anticipated events on a Disney Cruise. 

This pyrotechnic spectacular is set to a dramatic score featuring songs from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies.

The Best Place to View the Fireworks on Disney Cruise

Fireworks are launched from the starboard side of the ship – slightly aft of midship.

There are several good locations to view the fireworks. If you are facing forward towards the bow (front) of the ship…

  • Port = left side of the ship
  • Starboard = right side of the ship
On Disney Wonder / Disney Magic
  • Deck 10: Starboard Side 
  • Deck 10: Port Side -- Just be sure you're not behind the funnels which may partially block your view


On Disney Fantasy / Disney Dream
  • Deck 12: Port Side -- against the railing that overlooks the pool/deck stage

    This location lets you watch the pirate show below and still see the fireworks across the ship on the starboard side without having to move. If you end up closer to the outer railing that overlooks the water, be careful that the Aquaduck above you does not obstruct your view.

  • Deck 12: Starboard Side -- close to the outer railing overlooking the water

    You can watch the stage show on the Funnel Vision. Be careful that the Aquaduck above you won’t obstruct your view.

  • Deck 11: Port Side

    Don’t sit under Deck 12 on the starboard side or you will have trouble seeing fireworks.

  • Deck 13: Starboard Side -- forward

    This is an adults only area for guests 18 and up. You will not be able to see the pirate show that is on the Deck Stage from this viewing area but you will be able to enjoy the fireworks sitting in a lounger with a cocktail in hand.

Late Night Buffet

Finish off the night with – what else? – more food!

If you’re like me, I get hungry about every two hours when I’m cruisin’ so why not enjoy the late night pirate buffet in Cabanas?

The buffet usually opens around 10:45pm so it will be waiting for you once the fireworks are over. There will be a smorgasbord of food for you to indulge in including giant turkey legs.

What to wear for Disney Cruise Line's Pirate Night?

Many guests will dress up in swashbuckling gear for Pirate Night… but there is absolutely no obligation for guests to dress up at all.

Everyone will receive a free Pirates in the Caribbean bandana to wear if they’d like. It will most likely be left in your cabin or given to you at dinner.

Some guests just tie on the provided bandana or put on an eyepatch and call it good. Some will go all out and be in full pirate costumes while others will be somewhere in between.

There really is no right or wrong here. It’s totally up to you!      

If you do want to dress up, most people do so to dinner and keep it on for the remainder of the evening. You will see your servers as well as Mickey and Minnie and friends dressed in in their pirate garb too!  

Before you start purchasing your costumes for Pirate Night, you need to know that any type of toy sword is prohibited on DCL and will not be allowed on the ship. (Note: There are approved toy swords for sale in the shops onboard.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Will There be a Pirate night on my cruise? 

Unfortunately, not all DCL itineraries offer a Pirate Night

Due to environmental laws, the Alaskan itineraries and some European sailings do not have a Pirate Night.

If you are booked on one of these itineraries, make sure to check first before planning for pirate festivities.

Also, Pirate Night festivities don’t take place on Disney Marvel Cruise or Star Wars Disney Cruise, as there are other celebrations on those sailings.

When is Pirate Night?

For specific dates and times, check the Personal Navigator or Disney Cruise Line Navigator mobile app once onboard the ship.

If you want to know what day of your cruise it will be before you get on the ship, call Disney at 800-951-3532 once you are close to your embarkation date.

(subject to change – your cruise may be different)

  • 3-Night Cruise: Night 2
  • 4-Night Cruise: Night 3
  • 5-Night Cruise: Night 2
  • 7-Night Cruise: Night 4 or 5


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