8 Things You Should NOT do on Your Disney Cruise

1) Don't Bring Beach Towels

Disney Cruise Line provides towels to use onboard the ship and they generously offer them for your shore excursions as well.

2) Don't Fly In on Same Day of Your Cruise

While the cruise line loves having you as a guest, they won't hold the ship for you if you are delayed in your travel to the departure port. No sense in taking the risk of missing your cruise because you have flight delays or car problems. Arrive the night before and avoid that stress.

3) Don't Attend the Shopping Seminars

Huge waste of time. Before each port of call, you might be tempted to attend a shopping seminar from “expert” guides. The idea here is that they'll tell you how to get great deals at that port. However, these are basically advertisements for merchants that are paying a consideration fee to the cruise line. Yes, you might get a coupon for a free souvenir, but my experience is these freebies are lame and totally worth skipping.

4) Don't Hesitate to Order Multiple Items at Dinner

In the main dining rooms, you are welcome to order as many appetizers, entrees and desserts as you wish. Are you extra hungry? Go ahead and get both the cheesecake AND the creme brulee. Nobody will judge you.

5) Don’t Drink the Water on Shore Excursions

Avoid drinking the local water when traveling to developing countries. Avoid ice. Your best bet is bottled water and sodas.

6) Don't Skimp on the Sunscreen

It’s easy to get burned. Whether you’re strolling the streets of St. Thomas, sun-bathing at the pool deck, or playing at the beach in Castaway Cay, the sun is always shining down on you, even in cloudy weather.

Apply sunscreen with a high SPF daily.

7) Don't Miss the Nightly Shows

Disney Cruise Line invests a lot of money in providing fantastic entertainment and over the years, the nightly shows have become Broadway-worthy productions. Seriously. They are awesome.

8) Don't Miss the Fireworks

Disney Cruise Line hosts a "Pirate Night" and at the end they shoot fireworks (about 10 minute show) off the side of the ship. Fireworks at sea on a ship at night. Very very cool.

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